When In Britain – Let’s Eat Like a British

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People in each country have their own eating habit as well as different food combinations. When you set food in England, one of the most interesting ways to explore the culture here is spending a day eating and drinking as an England. Seeing and tasting traditional English food for breakfast, lunch and dinner are very exciting because it is so unique and different from other countries. In fact, you can even learn how to cook an English meal easily.

 Common Ideas about English Food

  • “I don’t know what it is!”

English breakfast

It’s one of the most common sayings of visitors when exploring about traditional food of England. They don’t even know what British food looks like or tastes like. It might be because of the cuisine from this country. There are not many restaurants that specialized in British food culture in other countries worldwide. That’s the reason why before going to this country you should at least know the name of some common food and dishes here.

  • “I don’t think this type of food is good”

Many people think British people love greasy food and eat it every day. They see so many fish & chips stores and people just keep eating over and over again. If you are staying in a hotel, the cooked breakfast might be offered to you every morning and you feel that these breakfasts are quite heavy. Actually, it’s not the normal eating habit of a majority of citizen in Britain. They like those foods, but treat them as fast food. They just eat once or twice a week. In fact in Britain, the main type of food product consumed on a daily basis is dairy products such as cream, cheese, milk, and butter. They even use those products more than most countries.

  • “I can’t find anything interesting here”

After several days staying in this country and can’t come up with anything good, this idea is quite common. That’s because you haven’t found any good home cooking or high-quality restaurants yet. In Britain, you can find not only English food but also cuisine from other countries such as China, India, Spain or even Turkey. Interestingly in England, they have modified these dishes to fit with the taste of local people, so why don’t you take a visit to one of these restaurants and see some differences.

 What’s special about English food culture?

Similar to burger and curry, there is a signature food in Britain that you should at least taste one: Fish & Chips. The haddock is coated with beer batter and fried with chips to create such a unique flavor for every home dinner.


Fish and Chips


  • Haddock: 4 fillets, each weighs 170g to 200g.
  • Fish batter: plain flour (200g), lager beer (150ml), salt, pepper, ale, curry powder
  • Mayonnaise: egg yolks (3), pomace and nut oil (200ml), English mustard (1tsp), lemon juice, salt, pepper.
  • Chips: Potatoes (6), groundnut oil (1.5l), rock salt


  • The first thing you have to guarantee if you want to have a perfect fish and chips is the fish selection process. If possible, you should go to the market place in the morning when the fish is caught and still fresh. The fillets can be small but have to be fresh and have no scales.
  • After that, you can make the batter by combining all the ingredients together (flour, beer, spices and curry powder). Whisk the mixture with a fork to make sure it is smooth. Then flatten the fish batter as thin as possible until you see the batter is thin and light enough.
  • Blend the egg yolks with mustard and garlic for 30 seconds to mix them together. Make sure that they are cooked to the same temperature.
  • Slowly put the oil inside the mixture while blending to thicken the mayonnaise. Season more with lemon juice, water, and pepper.
  • Making chips: peel the potatoes and cut them evenly but not too thin. Wash under cold water and drain well. Heat the oil on high heat and make sure you use the deep fat fryer. The chips should be cooked in 7 or 8 minutes. Lift the chips out and drain. Re – heat the deep fat fryer again in higher temperature and continue cooking the chips until the coat is crispy and brown. Drain for the last time and season with rock salt.
  • Keep the fryer in the same temperature and continue to fry the fish. Before frying, make sure you coat the fish with plain flour and the batter.
  • The fish should be cooked for 4 to 5 minutes to be done. Remove the fillets and drain the oil by using kitchen paper.

The fish and chips should be eaten right after cook to keep the warmth and crispiness of this dish.


This is one of the most beautiful traditions in British cuisine culture. Afternoon tea in England is not just a noble custom but also a way for people to enjoy life. Coming to an afternoon tea doesn’t mean you just enjoy a cup of tea with some cakes; you also have a chance to know more about one of the best highlight in British culture.

Afternoon Tea

Traditional afternoon tea consists of sandwiches, scones, rolled cream and jam. Cream pies and cakes are served as well. People in Britain prefer tea from India or Ceylon which is poured from silver teapots to a small cup.

When coming to a tea party, especially High Tea and Afternoon Tea, you have to be very polite and gentle because there are so many rules and traditions you should know. The best thing is that these rules are to keep the gentle and elegant atmosphere that you can only experience when in London.

There are countless of foods and drinks from England that attract me when I travel to this country. What about you? Tell us about your experience by commenting on our website!

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