Food for a Healthy Christmas

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Traditional food on Christmas vacations such as pudding, fried fruits, turkey… is a good source of healthy food. Normally, people often think of Christmas as an occasion to reward themselves with parties and foods that don’t need to be stopped. Christmas is really a nightmare for diet plans and people who are trying to lose some weights.

However, according to nutrition expert Michelle Braude who invented The Food Effect diet plan, the traditional Christmas meal is not too unhealthy as many people thought it was. Some super foods hide in the Christmas lunch set – they contain so much nutrition values.

Some recent studies indicate that a traditional Christmas dinner might contain roughly 6.000 calories – a huge number for us to consume in one night, but we can’t deny the benefits of those dishes to our health either.

Christmas dinner

Below are some examples of those foods and a healthy main dish recipe for your Christmas dinner:

Smoked Salmon And Avocado

According to studies, both of these foods contain unsaturated fat and lots of nutrition. They are considered experts in supporting weight losing, strength building and keeping your skin bright and shine.

Salmon is considered the nutrition star among all types of fish. Besides the fact that salmon contains a high amount of protein, it is also the precious source of Potassium, Selenium and other types of vitamin and mineral such as B12, B3, Iron, and Phosphoric. One of the most crucial health benefits when eating salmon is losing weight because of the high amount of fat acid omega – 3. That’s the reason why salmon is always the priority choice for gymnastics and people who want to lose weight.

Talking about avocado, no one can deny that it is a wonderful source of natural fat which is very healthy and easy – to – consumer for any type of body. Avocado can help lower the blood pressure and prevent some heart symptoms as well as keeping your heart operates correctly. Besides, avocado is an effective way to add fat into the body without cause obesity and helps to enhance the situation of skin, hair, and nails.

The reason these foods are mention in the same section is that they can be combined to create such a good main dish. If you want to change your tradition Christmas dinner a little bit, maybe this can help you to make the change healthier and lighter


Toasted avocado with smoked salmon


  • Main fruit: 1 Avocado
  • Main meat: 75g Smoked salmon
  • Bread: 2 slices of Toasted rye bread
  • Side fruits juice: Cucumber, juiced lemon, tomato, chili, salad cress.
  • Herbs: Mint
  • Others: Vinegar, fat – free yogurt


  • First of all, you will need to mix and stir all the ingredients together to make a good dressing. Don’t forget the seasoning.
  • Next, try to remove the stone of the avocado and scoop the flesh out. Put all the flesh into a bowl then mix it with lemon juice and yogurt. After that, smash the mixture smoothly with a fork. You might want to add a little amount of salt and pepper according to the taste of your friends and family.
  • After that, divide the avocado into two halves and place it over the toasted bread. Don’t forget the layer of cucumber and tomatoes.
  • Ultimately, place the mixed salmon on top. Decorate your dish with the cress.

This dish is very healthy and light. It contains 296 Kcals and only 16.6g of fat. Don’t worry if you eat more because it is too good. Salmon and avocado are things you should eat to lose weight. Just be careful with the bread.


Turkey breast is even better than normal chicken breast because it is lower in fat and contains a higher amount of protein. Especially when you remove the skin, turkey even becomes a precious source of protein with even lower fat.

TurkeyIn fact, turkey is a good source which provides B class vitamins (important for brain activities and energy produce), Zinc and Selenium (one of the most important minerals for our natural defense system). Besides, turkey is rich in amino acid tryptophan. That’s the reason why after having meals with the meat taken from turkey, people tend to feel relaxed and sleep easier.

Brussels Cabbage

Scientists claim that: “By maintaining this traditional dish in the Christmas menu, you can bring so many benefits to your own life.” Brussels cabbage is rich in B class and C class vitamin as well as anti – cancer chemical called glucosinolate. Dishes made from this type of vegetable are also an effective way to provide fiber into our digest system.

Not only good in providing nutrition, Brussels cabbage contains very less amount of fat and calories. Therefore, you can eat this type of vegetable as much as you can. However, you shouldn’t eat it with butter.


“Many of us want to enjoy the Christmas dinner with 1 or 2 glasses of wine” – said Braude – the nutrition expert. “Of course using an excessive amount of wine is not good at all. But if you know where to stop and drink correctly, especially red wine, your digest, and blood system will thank you for that. Moreover, red wine can prevent some diseases and care for our skin”.

Having a correctly amount of wine won’t affect your diet goals. There are countless studies indicate that consuming an alcoholic drink in an acceptable amount can decrease the risk of obesity and weight increase.

Therefore, now you can feel relaxed and enjoy the menu of Christmas meals when knowing how to choose the best nutritious foods and don’t get rid of traditional foods out of the menu. If you want a little alternation, just find ways to cook these ingredients creatively and everything would be alright. If you can’t make up your mind about what to cook for Christmas, take a look at ours on the website. All of them are carefully calculated and 100% healthy!

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