Being a Vegetarian – Good or Bad?

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Vegetarianism is the way people force themselves not to consume food naturally by getting rid of some sources from the animal. The foundation of this eating habit is religious, but today, more and more people want to try the following vegetarianism because of its benefits to health.

Most of the vegetarianism methods have the religious roots. Therefore there are different types of a food source can be used worldwide in terms of the methods. Most of them allow people to eat vegetable and fruits. That’s the reason why many people think of this kind of food source when mentioning vegetarianism, but in some cases, some other products are still used. For example, in Muslim countries, people eat vegetables and don’t kill animals for food, but they can still eat fish and other types of seafood. On the other hand, people who follow the way of Buddhist never eat food that has blood but still can make use of dairy products such as milk, butter, and cheese. But sometimes eggs and milk are not allowed as well.

Being a vegetarian

In Middle East countries and India, there are some vegetarianism pathways which are very strict because people can only eat cereal, not even fruits… Even with drinks, alcohol made from cereal is forbidden in some cases. On a whole, vegetarianism is the way people consume food without having all sources, mostly because of the religious reasons. And when people realize the advantages of going veggie, they start to follow them voluntarily.

Some benefits of going veggie:

  • The main protein source is from vegetables which are very easy to digest and absorb.
  • A number of vegetables and fruits is plenty which provides a mass amount of fiber daily for the body as well as a broad range of vitamins and minerals. Anti – oxidants in fruits are so plenty which helps to strengthen the cells.
  • The fat doesn’t contain cholesterol which is very beneficial for our heart and blood system. That’s the reason why people who are suffering from some diseases such as heart diseases, high blood pressure… are often asked to follow a strict abstinence.
  • If people know how to go veggie properly, the basic process of nutrition inside your body will change as well. It means less work for your cells and the work is not as heavy as normal. Therefore we can be younger and encounter fewer diseases. Many studies showed that fasting can greatly reduce the rate of heart disease and other risks of cancer over time.

Vegetables and fruits

Though there are so many advantages when you fast, there are also some disadvantages as well:

  • Though the protein from vegetables is very easy to digest and absorb, apparently it can’t be the main replacement for protein from meat, therefore, going veggie is not suitable for teenagers who need more nutrition, especially fat and protein for mental and physical development.
  • Apart from fat, carbohydrate amount inside cereal is quite high. That’s why the amount of energy in fasting foods is not low at all and it could be dangerous to people having obesity.
  • Fasting is not good for people who are recovering from illness, children under 18…

Some of us will think about vegetarian food as boring boiled or stir fry dishes which are quite hard to eat for a long time. However, with the help of cultural diversity, people think of so many ways to make these dishes not only flavorful and colorful but also tasty and addicting. Even in some countries such as India where people mainly go fasting because of their religion, the cuisine of vegetarian became one of the unique and important cultural beauties.

Below is a really easy recipe for people who want to try making some differences with their current diet. Scientist advice people to have at least 1 or 2 veggie meals a week to make sure their bodies is cleansed and it is very beneficial for the digest system as well. And don’t worry because this dish is quite cheap, tasty and easy to make.


This is one of the most exciting dishes because of its taste and color. You can’t taste and sweet and sour dish like this in any European countries. Enjoy!

Lime - curry Tofu Stir - fry

Duration: about 30 minutes


  • Oil: peanut oil about 2 tablespoons
  • Tofu: 1 package extra – firm
  • Ginger root: 1 tablespoon, minced
  • Zucchini, red curry paste, pepper, lime juice
  • Soy sauce: 3 tablespoons
  • Maple syrup: 2 tablespoons
  • Fresh basil


  • Heat the oil on high heat and add the tofu inside to stir – fry. Be careful since the tofu is quite easy to be burnt. When the coat turns to golden brown, remove all of them and set aside. After that leave the remaining amount of oil for later use.
  • Put the ginger and curry paste in so as to stir – fry them together. After that, add the zucchini and bell pepper and mix them by stirring for about 1 minute. Pour the remaining types of sauce into the pan to make the curry sauce. Cook them for few minutes then put the tofu in. Make sure the tofu can absorb the sauce completely.
  • Serve and eat when this dish is still hot.

As you can see, cooking with vegetables and herbs is even easier than making dishes with types of meat. However, you should know about the nutritional amount inside each type of food so that you can adjust the combination for your own health. Especially when you are a beginner in fasting, take it slow for your body to get used to the changes. You should also know about types of vegetables, cereals, and fruits. Which one is better for your health, which one should be used in cooking and which one should be eaten raw. If you want to have a detailed guidance about going fasting, please visit our website – the main site about eating and drinking for vegetarians. I hope you can find something useful there.

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