English breakfast
02/21/2017 | | Comments Off on When In Britain – Let’s Eat Like a British

People in each country have their own eating habit as well as different food combinations. When you set food in England, one of the most interesting ways to explore the culture here is spending a day eating and drinking as an England. Seeing and tasting traditional English food for breakfast, lunch and dinner are very exciting because it is so unique and different from other countries. In fact, you can

Honey - Mustard Boneless Pork Chops
02/21/2017 | | Comments Off on Tips and Tricks in Nutritions for Busy People

In a fast – paced life we are living in, we even don’t have enough time to enjoy our meals. How often do you have to rush to your office because of some unexpected meeting when you are about to break? How much junk food do you have to eat every month, even every day because of overtime shifts? How bad is your eating habit right now with the help

Toasted avocado with smoked salmon
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Traditional food on Christmas vacations such as pudding, fried fruits, turkey… is a good source of healthy food. Normally, people often think of Christmas as an occasion to reward themselves with parties and foods that don’t need to be stopped. Christmas is really a nightmare for diet plans and people who are trying to lose some weights. However, according to nutrition expert Michelle Braude who invented The Food Effect diet plan,

Eggs and Salmon
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The egg is one of the most common types of food of everybody. We buy eggs to eat on a daily basis because they are cheap, clean and easy to digest. Moreover, there are so many benefits of using eggs as food that you might not know. Reduce The Oxidant Process According to scientists, nutrition inside eggs can provide enough for our body to slow down the oxidant process as

Lime - curry Tofu Stir - fry
02/21/2017 | | Comments Off on Being a Vegetarian – Good or Bad?

Vegetarianism is the way people force themselves not to consume food naturally by getting rid of some sources from the animal. The foundation of this eating habit is religious, but today, more and more people want to try the following vegetarianism because of its benefits to health. Most of the vegetarianism methods have the religious roots. Therefore there are different types of a food source can be used worldwide in